THE FUCK TAPES - run walk
~ Thursday, March 24 ~


This is a TOUR ONLY release. 

Yellow, Blue, Grey and Pink tapes featuring 9 songs.

Side A

1. Rainhouse (demo)

2. Straight Lines (demo)

3. Virus (PEEKAY EP)

4. Peekay (PEEKAY EP)

5. Throw Nothing At The Sea (PEEKAY EP)

Side B

Instrumental EP (4 tracks)

There are 20 copies. No digital download (for the demos) All Handmade, all hand numbered. 

There will be a 1 tape per person limit and we’ll only be selling a maximum of 2 per gig on the tour. 


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  1. oxygen-waster said: bringing any to dirty sunday? if so save one for xedx
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  4. smithsfoodgroup said: I’ll be there in spirit. Does that count?
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